Mommies on a mission…


Well, here I am, with a brand new blog, where I am going to weave some magic… Naah! Let’s have another go at it.

Here I am, with this new blog, all doubtful and hopeful, trying to make sense of my world, which has changed quite a bit, ever since I had a baby.

The idea for this blog came up over one of the many calls that I have with friends and family; talks that help me retain my sanity, on the way back from work and sometimes at 2 AM in the morning. Because often, all we mommies need is a cup of *hot* coffee and some heart-talk to cheer us up.

To cut a long story short, this is me—mother of a little 7 month old baby, survivor of post-natal anxiety and a full-time working professional—I have the right to be less than perfect.

What’s your story mommy? Share in comments below.

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